It’s time to say goodbye … 

I can’t quite believe we are at the end of the year and the final part of our journey together already!

It is going to be an extremely emotional time for team Pluto when we wave the children off for the final time today. I don’t quite think I can put into words how incredibly proud I am of how the children have blossomed this year into such wonderful people.

Our graduation was truly magical and was a lovely end to such a special year, it was everything we could have hoped for. Thank you for sharing it with us and for all of your support, care and the partnership we have shared this year. I feel extremely privileged to have been part of inducting the children into school life.

It goes without saying that I wish them all of the happiness and success in the future. My first class will always have a big place in my heart.

Have a wonderful summer!

Love Miss Blackborrow



Confident Characters!

We haven’t posted for a while but what an active few weeks we have had!

Last week was our Wimbledon Week! We explored the tournament and learned about the different events. We explored British Values and traditions at Wimbledon. This helped us with our own tennis skills discussing the different tennis players. This included practicing our Spanish incase we were to meet Rafael Nadal!

Well done to all of Pluto class for a fantastic class assembly!  You made us very proud with all of your hard work and your confident spirit. It was a delight to share your wonderful achievements from the year!

Our busy week continued with with school sports day. Well done to everyone who took part and scored points for their family group!

We started the week with our Toy Tea party to end our Toy Story experience. It was so lovely seeing the children’s different toys to share the afternoon with us. We are digging deep into the world of dinosaurs. We have been practicing to be palaeontologists exploring the dinosaur bones left in Pluto class!

Piggy Problems!

This week we have focused on ‘The Three Little Pigs’. In literacy we have explored the story comparing it to alternative texts including ‘The Three Little Wolves and The Big Bad Pig’, and ‘The True Story of the Three Little Pigs’. From this we explored how characters’ emotions change over the course of a story.

On Thursday we discovered a crime scene in our Pluto Garden. After writing newspaper reports and cracking a code we discovered that our suspicions were wrong and learned that it was The Three Little Pigs themselves who had blown their houses down, not the Big Bad Wolf!

In number work we have been exploring addition and subtraction. We have practiced our reasoning skills using the same numbers to make sums and noticing relationships between numbers. We have also explored repeated addition and how this is the same as multiplication.

In our afternoons we have been continuing to explore materials for our toys. We have discussed the difference between man made and natural materials and have used our imagination to create our own inventions. We have also been impressing Mrs Brown and Miss Blackborrow with our Guided Reading this week showing that we are well on the way to being ready for Year One! We have also tasted our glorious vegetables we have grown including carrots, lettuce and beetroot!

Next week we will be getting into the Wimbledon spirit! We will be practicing our tennis skills and writing all about the event.

Have a lovely week .

Flitch Fairies!

This week has been truly magical. On Wednesday Pluto embarked on their first school trip to Audley End. We had lots of fun making our own magic sticks, going on a fairy walk and of course the magical train! We wrote our own wishes and even has a special pot of magic! The children had a wonderful time and were incredibly well behaved – we couldn’t be prouder of them all.  Even the fairies commented on our perfect manners and excellent conduct!

Back at school we used the pictures from our trip to write our own recounts, write letters to the fairies, and create fairy gardens and our very own wishing tree! In number work we have been focusing on money doing some problem solving to help the tooth fairy!

Have a lovely week!




Cheeky Charleston!

This week we have been getting our dancing shoes on learning The Charleston Dance! We have had lots of fun following steps and moving to music! We have also been using our imagenation lots this week. The Twigs forest group went on a magic carpet ride, and we have been creating mushrooms and cooking popcorn during our parachute games.

In literacy this week we have focused on the Enormous Turnip. We went outside to our Pluto Vegetable Patch to get some inspiration to write our own vegetable stories.

In number work we have been focusing on data handling and tallying. We wanted to find out Pluto’s favourite toy!  Last week’s counting in 5’s came in very useful as we learned when we tally we work with groups of five. This got us thinking about different ways we can represent groups of 5, using the dienes, Numicon, our fingers and some of us even explored multiplication!

We are incredibly excited for our magical Fairy Week next week! We may even hear from the fairies themselves …

Have a lovely week!

A Toy Story …

Welcome back everyone, I hope you have had a lovely half term.

This week we have launched our new experience ‘A  Toy Story’ diving into the wonderful world of toys. We are going to be learning about how toys have changed over the years inspiring our very  own inventions! This half term we are also going to be focusing on Traditional Tales, as we explore magic and mystery ready for our exciting class trip!

In literacy we have been focusing on the story ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’. We decided to help the emperor create some new clothes for the parade! We have retold and sequenced the story, discussed the characters and written our own informational pieces about our designs.  On Wednesday we then had our parade celebrating our wonderful creations for the emperor!

In number work we have been counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s to 100. As part of this we have focused on place value. We have loved getting our feet wet to count in 2’s along a number line!

Next week we are going to be focusing on the story ‘The Enormous Turnip’, discussing old and new toys and exploring data handling in number work. Have a good week!